• Kissimmee, FL

    D R.

    Clean restaurant, respectful service, good food, just would add some fresh dishes to buffet, since some of the food seemed re-heated, but overall good comfort food. Tandoori chicken and basmati rice, buttery and warm nan bread, always good.

  • Chris K.

    Davenport, FL

    Love Indian food! Excited to see this opening near me. I've actually gone a few times already. The food and service has been good. Did the buffet once, nice assortment, but would prefer to order off the menu. I hope they make it in the neighborhood.

  • Penny M.

    South St. Petersburg - Edit, Tampa Bay, FL

    Food was delicious. Many choices with a good description for those of us who don't know Indian food well. Nan was very tasty and reasonably priced. We will be back when they have their license to sell beer and wine.

  • Maria H.

    North Bay Village, FL

    Great restaurant. Service was great and food was delicious. Have been to many Indian restaurants but their naans were the best we've had.

  • Chad J.

    Davenport, FL

    My wife hates Indian, and my son is "meh" on Indian. However, both absolutely loved this place for dinner. For me it was wonderful. It is to Indian food what Sarah's across the street is to Greek (of course unlike Sarah's they don't have the best fried chicken in the world). I think that maybe some who wrote negative reviews ate the lunch buffet. I have a feeling that they have difficulty translating their astounding quality and freshness into a buffet. It was $55.00 for all three of us, and we ordered several appetizers. My only criticism might be that I could have eaten more, but that was because it was so tasty.

  • Gurpartap S.

    Orlando, FL

    Good food only one bad review doesn't mean it is a deal breaker. Many people have different preferences and different choices there is a variety of choices to choose from and just because you don't like one dish you should try another. This is one of the only Indian restaurant around this area.